Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction A Good Idea?

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction A Good Idea

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction a Good Idea?

Most People Who Visit Diva Dental Care In Bangalore ask us, If you have wisdom teeth, are you  wise? Wisdom teeth that emerge in the late teens or early twenties are considered a lucky charm, bestowing wisdom, and long life. Sadly, the wisdom tooth may cause dental problems and dentists recommend wisdom tooth extraction to prevent issues that may come up later.

What are wisdom teeth?

What are wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that grow at the back of your mouth, behind the second molars. You could have one to four wisdom teeth, two on top and two at the bottom. A product of evolution where our ancestors had longer jaws and ate a tougher diet of nuts and roots, they served as tooth replacements. Wisdom teeth are no longer necessary for smaller jaws with no place to accommodate them and must be extracted. 

Common wisdom tooth problems

Common Wisdom tooth problems

Keeping wisdom teeth increases the risk of oral infection, cavities, and gum disease. If the wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt through gums referred to as impacted wisdom tooth, it could lead to an infection. You suffer a sore throat, swollen face, and gums, bad smell and taste in mouth and headaches.

The wisdom tooth may emerge partially or not a breakthrough gums as the mouth are too crowded. They could grow at an angle towards the next tooth, back of the mouth or at a right angle to other teeth. The dentist recommends removing a wisdom tooth as:

  • Healthy teeth get damaged by impacted wisdom tooth which pushes second molars.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth could get infected or decay as brushing gets difficult.
  • Bacteria around impacted wisdom tooth cause, not just gum disease, they enter the bloodstream affecting vital organs.
  • Cysts at the bottom of the impacted wisdom tooth affect your jawbone and nearby teeth. 

Is it a good decision to remove a wisdom tooth?

The dentist advises the removal of crooked wisdom teeth or if there’s no room in your mouth for an extra set of molars. Even if wisdom teeth come out fully through the gums, they may damage other teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a good idea to avoid:

Improper tooth growth:

Wisdom teeth take up space in the mouth and cannot be straightened with braces. The dentist removes the wisdom tooth so that all teeth fit together.

Pain while eating

A Wisdom tooth must be extracted if you experience difficulty eating. Food gets stuck in teeth and gums, making brushing difficult. Wisdom tooth extraction is the only option to maintain oral hygiene. 

Cyst around tooth

Dental cysts which are a closed sac of tissues filled with fluid, develop around an impacted wisdom tooth. Cysts if left unchecked cause intense pain and permanently damage healthy teeth. An infected oral cyst leads to a dental abscess which affects the jawbone. 

Damage other teeth

A crooked wisdom tooth pushes the second molar, damaging it and increasing the chances of an infection. Waiting too long for wisdom tooth extraction may lead to orthodontic problems. 

Sinus problems

Wisdom teeth cause sinus problems when they grow on the upper jaw. Wisdom tooth pushes and rubs against the sinuses. The pressure leads to headaches, sinus pain, and congestion. 

Cavities and inflamed gums: 

The position of wisdom teeth makes cleaning difficult. Bacteria grow irritating gums, and pockets develop between teeth, leading to cavities and tooth infection. When wisdom teeth partially erupt, gum flaps created trap food particles and bacteria. You suffer pericoronitis, a dental disorder where gum tissue around the wisdom tooth gets swollen and infected. Symptoms include pain and discomfort, with pus from the infection leaking out of gums, leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Find a dentist nearby who can help you. 

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

It's painful when wisdom teeth poke through the gums. The wisdom tooth must be extracted to reduce pain and prevent gum infection. The dentist makes a small cut in the gums to access an impacted wisdom tooth. The tooth is cut into smaller parts and pieces removed through the opening. This sounds painful, but all you feel is a little pressure. There’s no pain for wisdom tooth extraction as the tooth and surrounding area are numbed with local anesthesia. The dentist stitches the wound with dissolving stitches which dissolve in 7-10 days. Antibiotics may be prescribed if there’s an ongoing infection. You should be back to work in 2-3 days. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore for high-quality dental treatment.

What are the instructions to follow after wisdom tooth extraction?

Instructions after extraction

  1. Keep the wisdom tooth extraction site clean by gently rinsing with warm salt water.
  2. Eat soft foods for a day after surgery and avoid hot and spicy food, chewing gum and candies, nuts seeds which can get caught in the extraction socket.
  3. Don’t drink through a straw as the sucking action can loosen the blood clot from the wound called dry socket, hindering the healing process.
  4. Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco which can increase the chances of an infection.Take a look at the effects of smoking on dental health.
  5. Rest as much as possible and avoid strenuous exercise for a few days.
  6. Increase fluid intake to prevent dehydration.
You must have wisdom teeth taken out even if they don’t hurt. They could get stuck, impacted, damage other teeth, or cause gum infection. The pain and problems suffered on not removing wisdom teeth is far greater than the slight pain from a wisdom tooth extraction. Contact the best dentist in Bangalore to extract wisdom teeth. 

Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction
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